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Did You Know…

The history of lighthouses and the keepers who kept the light burning bright is an amazing record of bravery, dedication, and courage. It is a history that begins with the world’s first lighthouse built in 290 B.C.E…a history that continues today with the men and women of the United States Coast Guard.

There are so many interesting stories—some fact, some fiction—based on the life and times of the keepers, the lighthouses they managed, and the lamp they maintained through raging storms and deadly, dark nights. But as charming and romantic as lighthouses appear to us today, in reality, the daily tasks assigned the keeper were arduous at best. The beacon of safety for scores of sailors, seamen, pioneers, and immigrants, the lamp and its related equipment required daily maintenance and attention to detail.

There is so much more to the story of the keeper…the story behind the story. “Did you know?” will feature new facts about the operation of a lighthouse and the responsibilities of its keeper. Updated each month, the information provided here will enhance your knowledge about lighthouses and the people, men and women, who provided safe passage.

October, 2010 – Volume 1, Issue 1

The history of the United States lighthouses and their keepers is very interesting. America’s first lighthouse was Boston’s Little Brewster Island, built in 1716. Destroyed during the Revolutionary War, the lighthouse was rebuilt in 1783 and still stands today, a … Continue reading