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Keepers of the Light welcome!

The story of the keepers at Eagle Bluff Lighthouse is filled with adventure, dedication, and loyalty…and we are pleased to be able to share their tales and travails with our visitors.  But to continue preserving the history of keepers Henry Stanley, William Duclon, and Peter Coughlin we need the assistance of volunteers. Especially in this next year, as we prepare for celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse in 2018! If you love history—especially lighthouse history—we invite you to join Keepers of the Light, the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse volunteer group.  A smile and cheerful personality are the only requirements!

The Door County Historical Society is also looking for volunteers to join our Maintenance Committee to help care for, and clean up the Lighthouse grounds.

Please email me at or call me at 920.421.2332 if you have any questions.

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